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Julia Herzen

Contact Details


Dr. Julia Herzen

Department of Physics (E17)
Technische Universität München

85748 Garching / Germany

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: +49 89 289 14532
Fax: +49 89 289 12548



Scientific expertise

  • X-ray imaging
  • absorption and grating-based phase contrast
  • Synchrotron instrumentation
  • Imaging methods in materials sciences
  • Biomedical soft tissue visualisation

Scientific interest

  • Medical imaging
  • Tumor detection
  • Imaging for materials characterisation
  • Phase-contrast radiography and tomography

Invited talks

Radiotherapy department of the Universtity Hospital Hamburg (UKE), May 2012

Strategic Workshop on Medical Engineering of the German Research Foundation (DFG), May 2013

German Society of Aerospace Engineering (DLR), Cologne, July 2013

Deutsches Museum, Munich, September 2013

Peer-reviewed publications (click to show/hide)

Other publications

B. Müller, G. Schulz, A. Mehlin, J. Herzen, S. Lang, M. Holme, I. Zanette, S. Hieber, H. Deyhle, F. Beckmann, F. Pfeiffer, T. Weitkamp. Grating-based tomography of human tissues. AIP Conference Proceedings,1466:107-112, 2012

M.N. Holme, G. Schulz, H. Deyhle, S. E. Hieber, T. Weitkamp, F. Beckmann, J. Herzen, J. A. Lobrinus, F. Montecucco, F. Mach, A. Zumbuehl, T. Saxer, B. Müller. "Morphology of atherosclerotic coronary arteries". Proceedings of SPIE,850609, 2012

B. Müller, G. Schulz, J. Herzen, S. Mushkolaj, T. Bormann, F. Beckmann, K. Puschel. "Morphology of urethral tissues". Proceedings of SPIE,7804, 2010

J. Herzen et al., X-ray grating interferometer for imaging at a second-generation synchrotron radiation source, Proceedings of SPIE, 7804:7804-1–10, 2010.

O. Brunke, K. Brockdorf, S. Drews, B. Müller, T. Donath, J. Herzen, and F. Beckmann. Comparison between X-ray tube based and synchrotron radiation based μCT. Proceedings of SPIE, 7078:70780U1–12, 2008.

M. Dalstra, P. M. Cattaneo, J. Herzen, and F. Beckmann. Visualizing the root-PDL-bone interface using high-resolution microtomography. Proceedings of SPIE, 7078:70780L1–10, 2008.

S. Drews, F. Beckmann, J. Herzen, O. Brunke, P. Salmon, S. Friess, A. Laib, B. Koller, T. Hemberger, M. Müller-Gerbl, and B. Müller. Comparative micro computed tomography study of a vertebral body. Proceedings of SPIE, 7078:70780C1–14, 2008.

A. Haibel, B. Beckmann, T. Dose, J. Herzen, S. Utcke, T. Lippmann, N. Schell, and A. Schreyer. The GKSS beamlines at PETRA III and DORIS III. Proceedings of SPIE, 7078:70780Z1–10, 2008.

J. Herzen, F. Beckmann, S. Riekehr, F. S. Bayraktar, A. Haibel, P. Staron, T. Donath, S. Utcke, M. Kocak, and A. Schreyer. SRμCT study of crack propagation within laserwelded aluminum-alloy T-joints. Proceedings of SPIE, 7078:70781V, 2008.

T. Kleinteich, Beckmann, J. Herzen, A. P. Summers, and A. Haas. Applying X-ray tomography in the field of vertebrate biology: form, function, and evolution of the skull of caecilians (Lissamphibia: Gymnophiona). Proceedings of SPIE, 7078:7078D1–10, 2008.

M. Nickel, J. U. Hammel, J. Herzen, E. Bullinger, and F. Beckmann. High density resolution synchrotron radiation based X-ray microtomography (SRμCT) for quantitative 3Dmorphometrics in zoological sciences. Proceedings of SPIE, 7078:70781W1–11, 2008.

Oral presentations at international conferences

BiomedPCI, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, January 2012

DPG, Berlin, March 2012

SPIE, San Diego, July 2012

Detector Workshop, Dresden, September 2012

IEEE MIC, Seoul, October 2013

Poster presentation at international conferences

XNPIG, Tokyo, February 2012

RSNA, Chicago, December 2012

IMXP, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, January 2013

Phase-Contrast Imaging Workshop, London, February 2013

ECR, Vienna, March 2013

EUROMAT, Sevilla, September 2013

Short biography

Since 2012 Scientist at the Institute of Materials Research of the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht (HZG, Geesthacht, Germany)
2010 Postdoctoral scientist at the Chair of Biomedical Physics E17 at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) (Garching, Germany)
2008 Visiting scientist at Paul Scherrer Institut (Villigen, Switzerland)
2006-2010 PhD thesis at Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht (Geesthacht, Germany) and Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (Hamburg, Germany)
2001-2006 Student at the University of Hamburg (Germany)
1980 Born in Swerdlowsk (Russia)

Social Interests

Sports: climbing, hiking

Other interests: theatre, opera, ballet and literature