Welcome to the Chair of Biomedical Physics

Our mission

  • Research aiming at the development and translation of modern X-ray physics concepts to biomedical sciences and clinical applications
  • Education for Bachelor, Master, Diploma, and PhD students interested in biomedical imaging and X-ray physics
  • Technology transfer of our scientific results, skills, and knowledge to foster the development of new products, applications, or clinical procedures

Most recent publications:

  • Sauter, Andreas P.; Andrejewski, Jana; De Marco, Fabio; Willer, Konstantin; Gromann, Lukas B.; Noichl, Wolfgang; Kriner, Fabian; Fischer, Florian; Braun, Christian; Koehler, Thomas; Meurer, Felix; Fingerle, Alexander A.; Pfeiffer, Daniela; Rummeny, Ernst; Herzen, Julia; Pfeiffer, Franz: Optimization of tube voltage in X-ray dark-field chest radiography. Scientific Reports 9 (1), 2019 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Günther, Benedikt; Hehn, Lorenz; Jud, Christoph; Hipp, Alexander; Dierolf, Martin; Pfeiffer, Franz: Full-field structured-illumination super-resolution X-ray transmission microscopy. Nature Communications 10 (1), 2019, 2494 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • De Marco, Fabio; Willer, Konstantin; Gromann, Lukas B.; Andrejewski, Jana; Hellbach, Katharina; Bähr, Andrea; Dmochewitz, Michaela; Koehler, Thomas; Maack, Hanns-Ingo; Pfeiffer, Franz; Herzen, Julia: Contrast-to-noise ratios and thickness-normalized, ventilation-dependent signal levels in dark-field and conventional in vivo thorax radiographs of two pigs. PLOS ONE 14 (6), 2019, e0217858 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Gustschin, Nikolai; Gustschin, Alex; Meyer, Pascal; Viermetz, Manuel; Riederer, Philipp; Herzen, Julia; Mohr, Jürgen; Pfeiffer, Franz: Quality and parameter control of X-ray absorption gratings by angular X-ray transmission. Optics Express 27 (11), 2019, 15943 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )
  • Roski, Ferdinand; Hammel, Johannes; Mei, Kai; Baum, Thomas; Kirschke, Jan S.; Laugerette, Alexis; Kopp, Felix K.; Bodden, Jannis; Pfeiffer, Daniela; Pfeiffer, Franz; Rummeny, Ernst J.; Noël, Peter B.; Gersing, Alexandra S.; Schwaiger, Benedikt J.: Bone mineral density measurements derived from dual-layer spectral CT enable opportunistic screening for osteoporosis. European Radiology, 2019 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )